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Title Media Region Position Type Comment
12 Years a Slave BD US 00:10:15 Separate
21 Jumpstreet BD US 00:29:23 Only one line. #545. Student speaks in french to Tatum's character says  "French, the language of love"
30 Days of Night BD US 00:36:00 Separate Vampire language
30 Days of Night: Dark Days BD US 00:41:30 Separate
A Most Wanted Man BD US 00:03:44 On the phone in first scene.
Act of valor BD US 00:09:40 Woman speaking Spanish on phone
Alice in Wonderland
American Gangster BD US 00:32:49 Forced In drug hut
Anchorman BD US 01:27:27 Separate Dog
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues BD US 01:56:40 Forced Dog
Argo BD US/UK 00:02:30 Separate
Armstrong Lie, The BD US 00:20:15 Forced
Astronaut Farmer, The
Atonement BD US 00:50:30 Forced Some lengthy scenes in French
Australia BD US 00:02:40 Aboriginal talking to boy
Avatar BD US/UK 00:11:08 Forced Navi spoken parts
Avengers Assemble BD UK 00:12:11 Separate Foreign language titles. Not marked as forced.
Avengers, The BD US Forced Subs for the Russian scene in chapter 3
Babel BD US 00:01:46 Forced
Babylon A.D. BD US None All foriegn parts are not subbed. Says speaking Russian but no subs.
Batman Begins BD US 00:32:05 Hardcoded The Dark Night Trilogy - Batman Begins: Brief non english part - embedded
Batteries BD US 00:03:01 Separate Coppola Restoration has 300 subs in a separate track with all subs marked forced.
Battle of Britain German spoken parts
Battleship BD US 00:35:21 Japanese on Japanese warship
Behind Enemy Lines BD US Hardcoded
Being John Malkovich (Criterion) BD US 01:15:08 Hardcoded Chimpanzees in flashback scene
Beverly Hills Chihuahua BD US Separate Forced flag not set, separate track
Big Fish BD US 01:12:06 Forced
Big Fish DVD US 01:12:06 Forced
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure BD UK 00:18:28 Hardcoded Tiny parts in French
Beautiful BD US 00:02:19 Forced Foreign Language
Black Book BD US 00:00:38 Forced
Blackhawk Down BD US/UK 00:05:29 Hardcoded Some brief Somali is spoken throughout the movie - these subs are burned in
Blackthorn BD US 00:03:10 Separate
Blade (1) BD US 00:20:33 Hardcoded Vampire language
Blade II BD UK Hardcoded Vampire language
Blindness DVD US 00:02:06 Translation subs for non-english parts
Blood Diamond BD US 00:01:13 First dialogue of movie waking up his son
Book Thief, The BD US 00:02:52 Forced German Language portions have forced subs.
Book Thief, The BD For German speaking parts
Bourne Identity, The BD UK 00:02:15 Separate uk is forced, separate not hard coded
Bourne Identity, The BD US 00:02:15 Hardcoded
Bourne Supremacy, The BD UK 00:01:21 Hardcoded Russian dialogue
Bourne Ultimatum, The BD US
Braveheart BD UK 01:01:55 Queen assistant speaks in French
Braveheart BD US 01:01:55 Hardcoded Queen assistant speaks in French. Wallace speaks in french to Murron
Bridge Too Far, A BD US English Translation of German voices
Burn BD US Separate Jive translation
Campaign, The BD US 00:12:49 Hardcoded Hardcoded foreign language subs
Captain America Winter Soldier BD RUS 00:07:24 Seperate Contained within 2nd English track. Foreign parts only.
Captain America Winter Soldier BD UK 00:07:23 Separate French Soldiers on Ship, 3rd English track - not flagged as forced
Captain America Winter Soldier US 00:07:03 Separate French Soldiers on Ship, 3rd English track - not flagged as forced
Captain America: The The First Avenger BD US 00:03:52 Separate Foreign (German)
Captain America: The The First Avenger 00:03:52 Separate Few forced subs in 1st Eng track
Captain America: The Winter Soldier BD US 00:07:33 Separate French speach on the ship. 3rd English Track
Captain Phillips BD US 00:04:36 Contained Contained within 2nd English track. Somali pirates speaking throughout.
Captain Phillips BD US 00:04:36 Contained Somali pirates speaking throughout. 339 forced captions are contained within second subtitle track (non-SDH track).
Carlito's Way BD US 01:40:00 Hardcoded
Carlito's Way DVD US Hardcoded
Cars 2 BD US/UK 00:13:03 Separate Forced flag not set, separate track with just 2 subs
Centurion BD US 00:06:55 Hardcoded
Charlie's Angels BD US 00:43:30 Forced
Che Part 1 & 2
Clear and Present Danger BD US 00:10:00 Forced Spanish to English
Clear and Present Danger BD US 00:03:50 Hardcoded
Code BD UK Forced 6 Forced subs
Confucius BD 00:02:12 Hardcoded Foreign Language
Contagion BD US 00:42:32 Hardcoded English subs for spoken Chinese
Contraband BD UK 00:55:16 Forced Spanish (I think)
Courageous US 01:01:00 Forced English subs for spoken Spanish
Crank 2 - High Voltage
Crystal Fairy (2012) BD US 00:02:31 Separate English subs for spoken Spanish
da BD US 00:23:39 Forced
Da Vinci Code, The BD US 00:20:39 Forced French part in beginning
Dances With Wolves BD UK Forced 309 subtitles for Sioux spoken parts. (2nd English track.)
Dances With Wolves BD US 00:04:48 Forced 2nd English track. Tested ch. 16, 309 subtitles for Sioux about halfway through the chapter
Dark Knight, The DVD UK 00:34:17 Hardcoded
Dark Knight, The BD US Hardcoded Some Chinese dialoge is hardcoded into the video stream
Darkest Hour, The BD US
Das Boot BD US 00:03:08 Forced Foreign Language + forced for German writing
Date Night BD US 00:39:48 Forced casinca
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes BD UK 00:04:00 Forced Subtitles explaining ape sign language
Day After Tomorrow, The BD US 00:11:10 Hardcoded
Day the Earth Stood Still, The (2008) BD US 00:11:35 Forced Foreign Language
Dead Man Down BD US Forced Foreign Language
Defiance BD US Forced Foreign Language
Deliver Us From Evil BD US 01:42:44 During exorcism
Die Another Day, 007 DVD US 00:04_14 Forced
Die Hard 2 US 00:23:30 Hardcoded Confirmed Hardcoded
Die Hard 3 BD US 00:58:02 Hardcoded German in the federal reserve
Die Hard 4 US 00:09:18 Hardcoded These are burned in and hardcoded on region 1 discs
Die Hard 5 BD US 00:01:19 As soon as he walks through gat in opening scene
Dirty Dozen, The DVD US 01:47:24 Hardcoded
District 13 Ultimatum Movie is in french
District 9 BD US 00:04:55 Separate Alien and African Dialogue
Disturbia BD US 00:05:48 Hardcoded Foreign language dialog in class.
Divergent BD US None
Django Unchained BD US/UK 01:37:05 Hardcoded A few minutes spoke in German
Domino BD Hardcoded A few subs for spanish / foreign parts
Don't Say A Word
Drag Me to Hell - Theatrical Version BD US 00:50:00 Hardcoded Spanish spoken during opening scene
Drag Me to Hell - Unrated Director's Cut BD US 00:50:00 Hardcoded Spanish spoken during opening scene
Dragon Wars
Dreamers, The BD US A few scenes in French
East, The BD US 00:22:25 Separate
Eastern Promises DVD US 00:01:09 Separate English track 2 but not forced. Scattered throughout the movie.
Eastern Promises BD US Separate
Eat, Pray, Love BD US 00:33:15 Forced
Element 2 BD US Hardcoded Spanish
Elysium BD US 00:02:19 Separate Spanish at the start of the movie. English track 3
End of Watch BD US Hardcoded A few subs for spanish
Enemy at the Gates
Escape Plan BD US 00:52:40 Hardcoded
s DVD Arnie speaking in German.
Evil Dead BD DE 00:02:29 Seperate Some curses in the beginning
Evil Dead (2013) BD US 00:02:29 Forced
Expendables, The BD US/UK 01:13:38 Hardcoded Hardcoded on UK Blu Ray
Eye, The
Fair Game BD US Hardcoded
Family, The BD US 00:01:11 Forced Speaking Italian
Fast BD US 00:06:24 Hardcoded
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The BD UK/DE 00:48:53 Separate Speaking Portuguese (don't you mean Japanese?)
Fifth Estate, The BD US 00:49:05 Separate
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children BD US/UK Japanese text translations within the first two minutes.
Flowers of War, The BD UK 00:14:28 Forced Russian translation
Flowers of War, The BD US 00:02:48 Separate
Flowers of War, The DVD US 00:02:48 Separate DVD Track 2 has foreign language subtitles only.
Flyboys BD US 00:09:14 Hardcoded French officers, boxer
Four Weddings and a Funeral DVD UK Can't locate separate 'deaf' subtitles on DVD. Mixed in with normal subtitles
French Connection BD US 00:07:24 Hardcoded French drug dealers at docks
French Kiss DVD US 00:27:22 Separate Customs Agent Initials Converstation
Frost/Nixon BD UK 00:02:51 Separate Locations, People and Epilogue
Funny People Dinner Scene
Galaxy Quest BD US Hardcoded
Get the Gringo BD US 00:02:25 Separate
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance BD US 00:02:18 Forced
Go BD US 00:24:30 Hardcoded When cat is thinking
Godfather, The BD US 00:42:31 Separate Coppola Restoration has 74 subs in 3rd English track not marked as forced. Foreign subs in three different scenes (0:42:31, 1:37:39, 2:03:41)
Godfather: Part II, The BD US 00:03:01 Forced Forced subs on a separate track than main English subs
Godfather: Part III, The BD US 00:49:40 Forced Coppola Restoration has 83 subs in a separate track with all subs marked forced.
Godzilla (1998) 00:09:13 Hardcoded
Golden Compass, The BD US 00:42:23 Hardcoded A line when attacked in tents by the savages
Good Day to Die Hard, A BD US 00:01:20 Separate Speaking Russian
Goonies, The BD US Hardcoded
Gran Torino BD US 00:10:10 Separate 27 total foreign subtitles
Grand Budapest Hotel, The BD US 00:24:44 Contained Forced subs are contained within the English SDH track. Note that this is a multi-angle Blu-ray disc like the Star Wars BDs. Angle 1 is English.
Great Raid, The
Green Lantern BD Hardcoded NEW YORK CITY 1975 (0:05:11) & "RIKER'S ISLAND PRISON BARGE" (0:45:51) also (Ch14) Carlito & Saso talk in Spanish. Forced subs on separate track.
Green Zone BD UK 00:01:15 Separate
Grudge, The BD US 00:38:00 Forced Japanese Dialogue
Hancock BD UK 00:03:52 Forced Subs are only in car chase scene. They are flagged as forced, and are in the second track.
Hancock BD US 00:03:52 Forced There are 2 forced sub tracks, one is commentary. Eng 1 is forced Sub.
Hanna BD 00:04:32 Hardcoded
Hannah Arendt BD US 00:04:45 Separate 2 tracks; 1st has English subs for spoken German and entire track should be forced on. Only 3 of the subs have the forced flag set, so ClownBD will screw this up. 2nd has full subs and also the same 3 subs flagged as forced.
Hannibal Rising only one caption
Harry Potter 1 - 7 BD UK None No forced subs found
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix BD UK Hardcoded Voldemort speaking different language
Haywire BD US 01:25:10 Girl talking Spanish feeding strawberries.
Hellboy BD US Hardcoded Hardcoded, The dead coming out of grave scene.
Hellboy DVD US 01:27:05 Separate Track 1
Hellboy II The Golden Army BD US 00:27:37 Hardcoded Hardcoded
Hereafter BD US 00:00:45 Separate
Hidalgo Separate There is a lot of Arabic spoken, vital to get subs to follow the plot
Hijacking, A BD US 00:00:49 Separate
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The BD US 00:50:04 Hardcoded Subtitles for Orcish/Elvish spoken parts.
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The BD US/UK 00:10:25 Hardcoded Subtitles for Orcish/Elvish spoken parts.
Hunger Games, The - Catching Fire BD UK None
Hunger Games, The - Catching Fire BD US None
Hunt for Red October, The BD US 00:01:34 Forced RUS translation
I Am Number Four BD US 01:15:10 Hardcoded
Immortals BD UK/AU Forced Subtitle English 7
in BD US Hardcoded Some discs hardcoded, some are forced track.
In A World… BD US 00:36:17 Forced
Inception BD US 00:01:34 Hardcoded
Incredibles, The BD US 00:06:53 Separate Bon Voyage in beginning speaking French
Independence Day US None
Inglorious Basterds BD US/UK Hardcoded for French and German parts, some discs have hardcoded
Inside Job BD US 01:15:51 Forced
Instructions Not Included BD US Forced Movie is mostly in Spanish
International, The BD US 00:15:32 Forced
Internship Unrated, The DVD US 01:06:20 Separate 1 sub, not marked forced
Internship, The BD US 01:02:54 Forced 37 forced captions, forced on Blu-ray
Iron Man BD UK 00:24:19 Separate 37 forced captions in seperate subtitle track, third subtitle track
Iron Man BD US 00:28:11 Forced
Iron Man 2 BD US/UK 00:37:34 Hardcoded
Iron Man 2 BD Forced non-english parts
Iron Man 2 DVD US 00:37:34 Hardcoded
Jack and Jill BD US 00:47:57 Forced
Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit BD US 00:19:33 Forced 1st English Track Forced Subs for Russian parts
Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit DVD US 00:20:00 Forced 3rd English track for Russian only dialogue
JCVD BD US 00:07:01 Separate Most of the movie is in french use track 1
jihijnh BD US 00:04:55 Forced French Language Film
John Carter BD US 00:04:17 Separate alien language / location names. Track 4615 contains the 61 forced subtitles. Seperate subtitle track only in 800.mpls/800.m2ts
Joy Luck Club, The DVD US 00:18:47 Separate Few lines in Vietnamese
Jumanji BD US 01:38:06 Forced
k BD US 00:10:14
Karate Kid, The (2010) BD US 00:17:11 Forced Chinese in 10-15 spots throughout. (Select forced only in Track 1, otherwise subs shown for the entire film.)
Kill Bill Vol. 1 DVD US Separate No Forced flag, separate Track 1
Kill Bill Vol. 1 BD US/UK 00:15:13 Separate No Forced flag, separate PGS Track 6
Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 BD UK Various Separate No forced flag. Separate Track 3
Kill Bill Vol. 2 BD US/UK 00:47:12 Separate No Forced flag, separate PGS Track 6
King Arthur BD US 00:12:22 Forced Forced first subtitle track
Kite Runner, The BD UK Forced English is spoken at the start of the film then they switch to speaking Arabic
Last Holiday
Last Of The Mohicans, The BD US 01:37:00 Hardcoded Native American parts
Last Samurai, The BD US 00:57:47 Hardcoded Forced subs for japanese parts
Last Samurai, The Forced Japanese Throughout
Last Tango In Paris BD US Separate Half of the movie more or less is in French. The translations are in the second English track
Legend of Zorro, The
Let's Be Cops
Life of Pi US 00:12:56 Separate Second English sub track; 32 foreign subs
Limitless BD UK Seperate A few lines towards the end. Others scattered throughout have no captions
Lone Survivor BD US 00:13:07 Hardcoded A few lines throughout the movie.
Lone Ranger, The BD US 01:19:50 Hardcoded Hardcoded, some Native American spoken.
Looper BD US Forced One forced french spoken subtitle on second subtitle track. Hardcoded on some editions.
Love Is All You Need BD US 00:00:46 Forced
Lucy BD US
Man with the Iron Fists, The BD AU/NZ 00:07:22 Forced Multiple spoken Chinese language scenes require translation into English
Mask Of Zorro BD 2 forced captions
Matrix Reloaded, The BD US None
Matrix Revolutions, The BD US None
Max Payne 00:10:30
Mean Girls BD US 00:04:40 Forced 8 forced captions
Men in Black 1 DVD AU 00:04:33 Forced
Mighty Heart, A BD US Forced
Million Dollar Arm DVD US 00:30:15 Separate English subs for Hindi translation in subtitle track 5
Miracle at St. Anna BD US Forced German and Italian lines are forced in the second sub track
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol BD US 00:03:21 Separate 14th Subtitle track 749KB size
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol BD US 00:03:21 Separate 3rd Eng track (or sub track 6 out of 9 total). Subs in a few scenes throughout the movie.
Monuments Men, The DVD US
Monuments Men,The BD US 00:01:18 Contained Contained within the second English track (the first one is only SDH).
Monuments Men,The DVD US 00:23:30 Forced
Mother of George BD US 00:02:30 Forced
Mummy Returns, The BD UK 00:36:50 Separate Mummy Egyptian Speech
Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The BD UK 00:01:25 Separate Translations for Mandarin Speech
Mummy, The BD UK 00:02:00 Separate Note: None of the sub tracks work in Handbrake 0.9.9
Night at the Museum 2 BD US 01:23:07 monkeys
No Way Out DVD near end of movie (Russian)
non BD US 00:04:33 Separate Subs for German / French Parts. subs in track are marked forced but track contains only the forced subs.
Olympus Has Fallen BD US 00:36:05 Forced
Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD US 00:07:53 Forced Guitar Talk and More
Pan's Labyrinth Movie is in Spanish.
Passion of the Christ, The BD US Movie in Latin / Aramaic.
Patton BD US 00:31:15 Separate
Peacemaker, The BD US 00:02:07 Separate
Pianist, The
Pineapple Express BD UK 00:52:44 Forced Foreign speech by guys in van
Premium Rush BD US 00:41:31 Forced Mandarin in Hawala exchange scene
Professionals, The BD US 00:04:09 Forced
Prometheus BD/DVD US 01:39:17 None
Proposition, The BD US
Quiet American, The DVD US 00:19:15 Separate
Raid 2, The BD UK 00:02:17 Separate Track 1 - English
Raid 2, The BD US 00:02:17 Separate Track 2 - English
Raid, The BD UK Separate Foreign language
Raid, The: Redemption BD US 00:01:46 Separate Foreign Language
Reaping, The BD US
Red 2 DVD US 00:54:20 Forced Foreign Language
Red Dawn (1984) BD US 00:34:30 Separate
Red Heat BD US 00:03:37 Forced Foreign language
Red Tails BD US 00:03:37 Separate
Rendition BD US 07:40:00 Separate 2nd English Track. Spoken Arabic
Replacement Killers, The
Resident Evil: Afterlife BD UK Forced
Resident Evil: Afterlife BD US 00:05:01 Forced Some japanese parts in the beginning. (Separate track on some releases?)
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes BD US 00:49:02 Separate Separate track, subs are marked forced
Rite, The BD US Separate Separate track, subs are marked forced
Robocop (2014) BD US 00:04:35 Separate Foreign parts are in the first 7 minutes of the movie, but are not completely necessary for the plot.
Robocop (2014) DVD US 00:04:35 Separate Foreign parts are in the first 7 minutes of the movie, but are not completely necessary for the plot.
Rocky IV BD UK Forced TRACK 5 - Spanish is ENGLISH FORCED.
Rocky IV BD UK Forced Rocky IV within the Rocky Complete Saga boxset is missing the English forced subs for the Russian language parts, typically during fight scenes.
Rocky IV DVD US 01:14:12 Hardcoded Russian language
Rocky IV (The Undisputed Collection) BD US 01:14:14 Forced Subs don't always appear where you expect (announcer in the ring before the fight), but watch for in between rounds with Drago in the corner.
Runner Runner BD US 00:25:20 Forced
s BD US 00:03:39 Forced Several scenes. Blu-Ray has them with forced flag present.
s BD US 00:08:31 Forced Subtitles for non-English dialogue, not listed as forced
Safe House BD UK 00:14:00 Separate Separate track for Location information
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen BD US 01:00:14 Forced
Salt BD US 00:10:04 Forced forced subs for russian parts, Commencement is for Director's Cut
Secret Life of Walter Mitty BD/DVD US 00:59:00 Forced A few lines about the 59 minute mark - kids speaking in Icelandic
Seven Psychopaths BD US 00:21:01 Forced Second English track - Forced Flags. Test Chapter 4
Sherlock Holmes BD US
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows BD US 00:01:46 Separate
Sin City BD US PIP These forced subtitles are for supplemental material (PIP)
Single Man, A BD US 00:44:07 Forced
Slumdog Millionaire
Smurfs, The BD US 01:29:52 Forced 1 line for when cat speaks
Snowpiercer BD US 00:31:49 Separate Non-Forced Track 1, burn in. Track 2 is full subs.
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut BD US None
Star Trek - The Motion Picture BD US 00:04:40 Separate Klingon & Vulcan (Use Third English subtitle track)
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock BD US 01:03:18 Klingon (Use third English subtitle track)
Star Trek VI BD US 00:28:29 Separate Klingon (Use third English subtitle track)
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace BD/DVD US/UK 00:31:43 Separate 3 forced sub tracks, 41 is the movie. Subs are really high from the bottom. Alien dialog is 6 (Eng).
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones BD US/UK 00:05:12 Separate 3 forced sub tracks, 41 is the movie. Subs are really high from the bottom. Alien dialog is 6 (Eng).
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope BD US/UK 00:49:59 Separate 3 forced sub tracks, 11 is the movie. Subs are really high from the bottom. Alien dialog is 2 (Eng).
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back DVD Forced 2nd English Subtitle Track Forced (test Ch. 27)
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi BD US/UK 00:09:59 Separate 3 forced sub tracks, 39 is the movie. Subs are really high from the bottom. Alien dialog is 6 (Eng).
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi DVD 00:10:01 Forced 2nd English Subtitle Track Forced (test Ch. 5)
Stargate BD US 00:05:10 Separate
Stargate (Ultimate Edition) US 00:01:08 Separate 3rd English subtitle track, 30 subtitles. *Not flagged as being forced
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
Stripes BD US 01:56:12 Forced two tracks with 2 forced subs each; 1st is US English, 2nd UK English
Taken BD UK None Forced subs not on UK BD at all. Have to import the US version.
Taken BD US 00:36:37 Forced Police officers speaking french. OK for scope screen, two forced captions tracks - you want the smaller one
Taken 2 BD US 00:11:12 Separate 2nd English sub track; 39 foreign subs
Taken 2 BD Forced Chapter 6
Taking Lives Hardcoded subs
The Big Lebowski BD US None
The Last Samurai
The Sum of All Fears
The Thing (new) BD US 00:01:48 Norwegian in truck to start movie. First dialogue of movie.
They Came Together BD US None
This Means War BD US 00:02:19 Separate
Thor: The Dark World BD US/UK 00:23:00 Separate 3rd English subtitle track, 30 subtitles.
To Rome with Love BD US 00:06:43 Lots of Italian parts
Tombstone BD US None
Tomorrow Never Dies BD US 00:13:02 Separate Minor dialog throughout the film.
Tourist, The BD US 00:01:08 Forced Subs for French parts
Toy Soldiers
Toy Story 3 BD UK 01:07:32 Separate Subs for Spanish Buzz (Chapter 26)
Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation BD US 00:04:30 Separate Subs for Spanish Buzz
Transformers: Age of Extinction BD US 01:06:05 Forced English Sub Track 1 (Chinese subtitles in movie). 9 forced subtitles for Chinese dialog.
Twilight Saga, The: Breaking Dawn Part 1 BD UK 00:30:03 Forced
Twilight Saga, The: Breaking Dawn Part 1 BD US 00:30:03 Separate
Twilight Saga, The: Breaking Dawn Part 2 BD UK 00:52:59 Forced Two forced subs; BDSup2Sub does not properly decode timestamps (need to verify)
Twilight Saga, The: Breaking Dawn Part 2 BD US 00:52:59 Forced Two forced subs; BDSup2Sub does not properly decode timestamps
Ultraviolet BD US 00:27:57 Forced
Underworld: Awakening BD US 00:32:04 Contained Contained within non-SDH, non-commentary sub tracks e.g. 1st Eng track. 6 forced subtitles for foreign langauge part; All 6 at one scene at subtitle commencement.
Universal Soldier: Regeneration BD US 00:05:51 Forced Forced subs for russian parts
Vantage Point BD US 00:22:48 Forced Forced sub when Policeman passes through security
Wall Street Money Never Sleeps BD US 01:06:34 Separate Just two Chinese lines in a single scene
We Own the Night BD US forced subs for russian parts
West of Memphis BD US 00:10:16 Forced
Wolf BD US 00:06:09 Forced These are used to help understand what some people are saying
Wolverine, The BD US 00:20:52 Forced Japanese to English
World War Z BD US 00:21:53 Forced
X Men: Days of Future Past (2014) BD US 00:52:15 Forced Vietnamese spoken parts
X-Men: First Class 00:08:51 Forced German parts
XXX BD US 00:02:20 Forced Russian Spoke in Club, Spanish at Farm
Yes Man BD US 01:03:32 Korean in bride shower shop
Zero Dark Thirty BD US 00:38:30 Forced Contained within 2nd English track. arabic translation in Chapter 5, terrorist prep
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