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 ===== Spring Security ===== ===== Spring Security =====
 +====== Demo Application ======
 +===== Spring Boot =====
 +The demo applications will be developed using Spring Boot. It is assumed you already have an understanding of Spring Boot. If not, have a look at the [[https://​​guides/​gs/​spring-boot/​|Getting Started]] page for more information.
 +===== Development Environment =====
 +I will be using the Spring Tool Suite with Gradle STS support. The application will be running in embedded Tomcat with an in-memory DB at first. I'm developing on a Windows 10 machine but these instructions should work wherever for the most part. If you are using a different IDE (IntelliJ maybe?) you'll have to adjust accordingly but it shouldn'​t be a problem.
 ====== RFC 6749 ====== ====== RFC 6749 ======
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